how can China's cross-border electricity suppliers grasp the new trend of the Canadian market?

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As a world-renowned trading power, and has a high degree of acceptance of cross-border shopping, and Chinese products are also very popular in Canada, a lot of good news is an important guide for China's cross-national attention to the Canadian market. The penetration rate of online shopping in Canada is 80%. The revenue of e-commerce market in Canada is expected to reach $24 billion in 2018, with an annual per capita online shopping consumption of $897.75.

This shows that, in cross-border e-commerce selection, sales or marketing, cross-ethnic can pay more attention to the preferences and needs of consumers around the age of 40. Fashion is Canada's most popular online shopping category, accounting for about $7.07 billion in sales, followed by Electronics & Media, with total sales of $6.36 billion.

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