first episode, "August 2018 electricity supplier TOP100 list"

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 first episode, "August 2018 electricity supplier TOP100 list"

September 20, the latest release of the "August 2018 e-commerce applet TOP100 list," the list based on the merchants in the transaction, brand, promotion, retention, marketing, public opinion and other dimensions of the performance of a comprehensive score, ranking, summed up the TOP100 merchants show five core features, and outstanding in different areas of business The family case was commented.

An insight into the list

1. "Tencent Department" comprehensive e-commerce platform leader.

2., since the media is the most powerful assisting in the small business process.

3. physical retail businesses have entered small programs.

4. "eat" and "beauty" become the two major needs of small program consumption.

5. small program marketing flourishing.

Electricity supplier small program TOP100 list

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