Xiaomi entered the world top 500 for the first time, lei jun sent 1000 shares of xiaomi to all members to celebrate

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    Late July 22 issued by mail of the whole millet founder lei jun says, to celebrate the millet to enter the world top 500, thanks to every one continuous struggle of millet classmates and family behind.

     He will give each group shares, 1000 shares of millet millet classmates among them, 500 shares for each and every one of our top 500 global achievements, another 500 shares, is that we give each colleagues and partners family memorabilia.

      Based on xiaomi's closing price of hk $8.95 per share today, each person will receive hk $8,950, or about RMB 7,880.The share offer will cover a total of 20,538 employees and partners of xiaomi's core outsourcing service team.

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