Touch-Free ABS Plastic Sensor Liquid Soap Dispenser Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

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(1)NameAutomatic soap/foam dispenser  
(2)Model NOS1805B-01
(4)ColorAs showed above or OEM color as you need
(7)VolDC/6V  (1.5V*4pcs)
'(8)Packing 79*79*188MM
ctn size

Advantages of this product:
 1: Waterproof design of the whole machine (battery, circuit board) 
2: High anti-interference, free from infrared interference; 

Basic function: 
1: Proper distance from sensor to hand is 2-3inch
2: The default amount of liquid output is: 1ML (if special request, it can be set as required ); after 2 seconds , a second liquid will be released (if the palm stays for more than 2 Seconds); 3: Before replacing the new battery, press the power switch of the base, install a new battery,  close the battery cover, and press the key again. 

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