The key to improving sales is amazon's blockbuster plan

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Amazon influencerprogram is "open" to social media celebrities

According to foreign media, there is something new about the Amazon Influencer Program recently. Last week, Amazon has quietly launched a self-service tool for YouTube celebrities, so they can apply to join the strictly vetted Program and start a new attempt.

YouTube celebrities often promote their favorite product in posts or on YouTube video to get more people to see it, and then usually earn some revenue for themselves by selling it jointly with branded products.Now amazon is actively courting these YouTube stars in the hope of inserting its products more directly into the operation to generate greater sales.

Redskins who pass the plan review will get their own customizable pages on amazon, including urls they can share where their products are recommended.The key URL for this program.Amazon notes that "" is particularly useful in environments where oral promotion or the inability to make a link works." "In other words, it can be easily found on YouTube video when discussing advertised products.

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