The State Council promulgated the New Deal export tax rebate up to 16% refund

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The meeting decided that from November 1, 2018, in accordance with the principle of structural adjustment, with reference to international common practice, the current export tax rebate rate for goods is 15% and part of 13% is raised to 16%; 9% is raised to 10%. Some of them were raised to 13%; 5% were raised to 6%, and some were raised to 10%. The export tax rebate rate for products with high energy consumption, high pollution, resource products and tasks facing de-capacity remains unchanged. Further simplifying the tax system, the tax rebate rate has been reduced from the original seven to five. At the same time, the meeting also determined that in order to further speed up the tax rebate, the export enterprises with high credit ratings and good tax records will simplify the procedures and shorten the time for tax refunds, and fully implement the paperless tax refund declaration to improve the efficiency of tax refund review. Optimize the tax refund service, help enterprises to collect the documents and declare the tax refund in time, and realize the full coverage of the electronic return network as soon as possible. Encourage foreign trade integrated service enterprises to provide tax refund services for small and medium-sized enterprises. Resolutely crack down on fraudulent export tax rebates. By adopting the above measures, the average time for tax refunds to be processed by the end of this year will be shortened from the current 13 working days to 10 working days.

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