Stealing personal information, even if it does not constitute a crime

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Stealing personal information, even if it does not constitute a crime

A few days ago, the Ministry of Public Security issued the "Regulations on Internet Safety Supervision and Inspection of Public Security Organs", which was implemented from November 1.

The regulations stipulate that if an Internet service provider or a networked user unit violates the law, the public security organ may impose administrative punishment according to law; if it constitutes a crime, it shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.

It is pointed out that in the Internet security supervision and inspection, the public security organs found that Internet service providers and networked users have stolen or illegally obtained or illegally sold or illegally provided personal information to others. This does not constitute a crime, according to the Chinese people. The provisions of Article 64, paragraph 2, of the Republic’s Cyber Security Law shall be punished. That is, the public security organ confiscates the illegal income and imposes a fine of more than one time and ten times the illegal income. If there is no illegal income, a fine of less than one million yuan shall be imposed.

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