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Smart Single Cylinder Electronic Door Lock Electric Rim Lock

Finish:Different Color Is Available
  • RL-1082
  • ECH

Smart Single Cylinder Electronic Door Lock Electric Rim Lock

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Safety Type power on to unlock 
Working Voltage DC12V-DC18V
Standby Current <500mA
Lifespan service 500,000 times
Working temperature -30°C-70°C
Features Low noise, no shock ,Low power consumption,long service life, be convenient to install
Application metal door, wooden 
door, house, factory, shop and warehouse, etc. 
OEM Accept

1.High security and low noise

2.Available different kind of door

3.No necessary to identify installation directions

4.Supports video door phone and access control system

5. Adopt user card,button, or wireless remote control to opening 

6.Can delete the user card independently via the infrared remote control function 

7.This electric rim door lock adopts newest patent technology,having incomparable advantages from traditional electric locks

8. Remote control gate locks is very easy to install,regardless of left and right sides.

9. Electric rim lock can work with door closer and intercom system,lock automatically,no noise for opening.

PB (Polish Brass) PB (Polish Brass) CP (Chrome Plated) GP (Gold Plated)
  BB (Brass Brushed) GB (Gold Brushed) NB (Nickel Brushed) SN (Satin Nickel)
AC (Antique Copper) AB (Antique Brass) SC (Satin chrome) SB (Satin Brass)

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