Shentong express equity transfer completed, alibaba formally invested

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    On July 2, STO Express Co., ltd. today released announcement, the company received the notification DE Yin holdings, learned that DE Yin holdings has held its DE YanDeRun 49% stake to alibaba and have to deal with the formalities of industrial and commercial registration of change, the Shanghai qingpu market supervision administration has issued by the industrial and commercial business license after the registration of change and allow changes (record) registration notice, now alibaba become shareholders holdings DE YanDeRun 49% stake.

    Previously, shentong express respectively on March 11, 2019, on March 27, and on May 8, disclose the relevant equity structure change announcement, the company controlling shareholder DE Yin holding fitting in the form of transfer or capital transfer shares to its two wholly owned subsidiaries, respectively, at the same time as one of the subsidiary for the introduction of alibaba's YanDeRun strategic investors.

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