Korean Customs: Real-name verification requirements for exempted goods

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The Quartet issued a notice about the DHL channel requesting an update to Korea. According to the previous requirements of the Korean Customs, all B2C and C2C goods that pass the exemption limit (less than US$150, US and PR less than US$200) are required to provide a personal customs code (PCCC) for real-name verification when passing through the Korean Customs.

However, Yibang Power learned that in order to support the courier company and customers to do the relevant preparatory work, DHL has made a hard work lobbying for the Korean Customs, and the Korean Customs has therefore postponed the implementation of this real-name verification measure, and allowed no personal customs clearance ID ( B2C and C2C goods for Personnel Customs Code can be deminimis (exemption limit) by June 30th.


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