Irregularities sellers: the United States strictly examines the low and unpack declaration.

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Irregularities sellers: the United States strictly examines the low and unpack declaration.

The Customs and Border Protection Agency (CBP) has found an increasing number of violation declarations, leading the Customs and Border Protection Agency (CBP) to focus on low-value goods (less than $800) imports.

According to its disclosure, the violation declaration mainly includes the following 4 characteristics:

1., in order to avoid customs duties, a batch of cargo will be split into multiple shipments less than USD 800.

2. goods are clearly declared low;

3. goods piracy (IPR) counterfeiting and forgery;

4. physical objects are inconsistent with the declaration.

In this regard, in order to prevent the illegal reporting behavior from making the following standard requirements, please pay attention to remind the sender:

1. pay attention to CBP import standard requirements.

- provide a clear and accurate description of all imported items.

- All goods must be genuinely declared (if they are sold, they must be declared as paid or payable value)

- Providing invoices for all items in the interior, regardless of their value, requires a commercial invoice (if the goods are not sold, a proforma invoice is provided).

2. pay attention to the FedEx Trade Network (FTN) requirements.

- Involving the following circumstances, the US importer/consignee, as a Customs Registered Importer (IOR), is unable to clear customs, and the sender needs to prepare OWN BOND before shipment.

I. the total value of all goods is >800 dollars.

II. goods need to be inspected and cleared by US partner government agency (PGA).

- submit a power of attorney (POA) for FTN to process BOND requests. Single bond (STB) USD 60 or continous bond (CB) per year USD 500

Prior to this, some Chinese sellers sent goods to FBA warehouses or overseas warehouses often took the form of unpacking and tax avoidance. Because the package is less than US $800, the United States is tax-free. As a result, logistics service providers can break up the goods into small packages under $800 and send them to overseas warehouses many times without paying import taxes. And this investigation or targeted is part of the cross-border business use of this "unpacking" import mode.


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