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All eBay sites force sellers to use HTTPS in the item description.

Beginning at the end of January 2019, all eBay sites worldwide will force sellers to use secure HTTPS content to publish items, including eBay UK, Germany, and Australia.

The specific measures are:

1. All newly published or re-published items containing Http content (such as Http images, Javascript, CSS) will be blocked until the seller has re-published after the modification is completed;

2. Long-term online publication (GTC) is not affected automatically;

3. The seller needs to check the HTTP-content and delete it as soon as possible. According to the experience of eBay US site, plan and adjust the publication in advance to avoid the publication being affected.

It is reported that eBay has already announced the https mandatory specification in the autumn seller update in September 2018. And since September 15, 2018, eBay US and Canada sites have taken the lead in forcing sellers to use secure HTTPS content to place items.

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