In 2018, China’s express delivery business exceeded 50 billion pieces, surpassing the US, Japan and Europe.

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     On the morning of December 28th, the State Post Bureau held a press conference to announce the birth of the 50 billionth express delivery of the year. According to the real-time monitoring of the postal industry safety supervision information system of the State Post Bureau, this package with special significance is carried by Zhongtong Express. The sender is a fruit e-commerce company in the Wugong County Industrial Park. The recipient is the Beijing Chemical Industry College rookie station. a college student.

     Since 2014, China's express delivery business has ranked first in the world for five consecutive years, surpassing the sum of developed economies such as the United States, Japan and Europe. The birth of the 50 billionth express delivery means that China Express has entered a new era of annual growth exceeding 10 billion, and the express logistics industry has become the infrastructure of the national economy.


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