How to use smart lock correctly?

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1. Smart lock battery

(1) According to professionals, smart locks will have voice prompts if the battery is low. So replace the battery in time. If the smart lock has been used for about half a year to 1 year, it is best to open the battery cover to check the battery to prevent the battery electro-hydraulic from invading the smart lock circuit board;

(2) The battery of the smart lock will generally choose a large capacity alkaline battery, which can ensure the service life of the smart lock battery;

(3)When replacing the battery, remember not to install the positive and negative poles of the battery reversely, but to replace the non-flowing alkaline battery.

How to use smart lock correctly?

2. Use of fingerprint lock

(1) The fingerprint lock should be waterproof. This is common sense. There are many electronic devices in the fingerprint lock. If water enters, it will interfere with the electronic circuit.

(2) In general, fingerprint locks can only be opened by fingerprints, and the button for opening the door can only be pressed by hand, and do not use hard objects to open the door;

(3) After the fingerprint collection window is used for a long time, there will be dirt on the surface, which may affect normal use. At this time, a soft cloth can be used to wipe off the dirt;

(4). When using the fingerprint lock, do not forcefully close and open the sliding cover of the sensor and password keyboard.

(5). Confirm whether the current fingerprint is an administrative user fingerprint. If it is not, you cannot change the fingerprint password. To manage fingerprints or change passwords, please follow the correct operation steps.

3. Disassemble and disassemble without permission

Smart locks basically have built-in sophisticated electronic components, which may damage internal accessories or cause other serious consequences when disassembled by non-professionals. If you suspect that there is a problem with the smart lock, it is best to consult a professional or ask someone to repair it directly.

How to use smart lock correctly?

4 other matters needing attention

(1). If the door is deformed, the combined oblique tongue will have too much friction when entering the buckle box and cannot be fully extended. At this time, the position of the door panel should be adjusted; after the fingerprint is matched successfully, the handle has not been turned for a long time, please re-enter the fingerprint. Can open the door

(2). It is forbidden to contact the lock surface with corrosive substances, so as not to damage the protective layer of the lock surface and affect the gloss of the lock surface;

(3). The handle is the key part of opening and closing the door lock, its flexibility directly affects the use of the door lock, so do not hang objects on the handle;

(4). There are two important components in the smart lock: one is the fingerprint module, and the other is the electronic clutch. When the verification is successful, listen carefully for the sound of the motor rotating in the lock. If there is no sound of the motor rotating, it may be that the circuit board to the motor is broken. There is a rotating sound from the motor, it may be that the square rod inside the handle has fallen off. At this time, it is best to contact the sales office for processing.

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