EU summit fails to agree on "money" Brexit leaves more than 60 billion euros

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EU summit fails to agree on "money" Brexit leaves more than 60 billion euros

According to the "Europe Times" report on the 23rd, the EU special summit was held in Brussels from 20 to 21st. This is the first EU summit to be held after Brexit, mainly to discuss the long-term budget from 2021 to 2027. But the parties failed to reach consensus.

According to reports, the European Council President Michel convened the summit, but the EU countries have far-reaching positions on many issues. Although many bilateral and multilateral talks were held simultaneously during the summit in an attempt to reach a compromise, they still failed. end.

Before the summit, Hungarian Prime Minister Olban warned that unless there is a miracle, it is impossible to reach an agreement with only one summit.

Michel said that negotiations around the budget are always difficult, especially after the Brexit, leaving a huge funding gap, all parties must work to bridge differences and coordinate interest concerns. However, Michelle said that he does not regret the convening of the summit, at least this makes the positions of all parties more clearly expressed.

Michelle previously proposed a set of recommendations as the basis for negotiations at this summit in order to understand the requirements and red lines of all parties. But after the 27 heads of state officially met, the proposal was rejected in less than half an hour, and they agreed that more time was needed to reach an agreement.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel acknowledged that the parties were too divided to reach an agreement and could only continue discussions in the future.

Meanwhile, European Commission President Von Delane warned that time was urgent: "If there is no consensus within this year, there may be no budget for the next 7 years and no funds to support the Erasmus plan, scientific research activities, regional development and border control."

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