E-commerce law implementation next month: praise returning is involved in violations

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The "Electronic Commerce Law" to be implemented on January 1 next year stipulates that e-commerce operators should disclose goods or service information in a comprehensive, true, accurate and timely manner to protect consumers' right to know and choose; e-commerce operators are not allowed False or misleading commercial propaganda by means of fictitious transactions, user reviews, etc., to deceive and mislead consumers.

According to the survey results, 76.4% of respondents believe that activities such as “reward cash back” violate the E-commerce Law.

In the case of handling after an e-commerce dispute, it is difficult for the e-commerce operators to run the road, and the e-commerce operators are often encountered in the process of defending their rights. Among them, micro-business has become the hardest hit area for consumer rights and interests.

For those businesses that have no physical store, no business license, no credit guarantee, no third-party trading platform, and low barriers to entry, once a consumer dispute occurs with consumers, the micro-business often tries to change the account or directly delete the "friend" relationship. Evade legal responsibility. However, according to the "E-commerce Law", Weishang as an e-commerce operator is clearly defined in law, and correspondingly must assume corresponding obligations and responsibilities, which will provide a strong legal basis for consumer rights protection.

The implementation of the "E-Commerce Law" will play a key role in regulating the quality and safety, false publicity, online sales, smuggling, logistics stagnation and privacy leakage in the current network consumption. However, the survey results show that the awareness rate of the E-commerce Law is less than 60%, which indicates that the work of the law-enforcement needs to be further strengthened.

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