China's cross-border electricity supplier will break 8 trillion and 800 billion in 2018.

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 China's cross-border electricity supplier will break 8 trillion and 800 billion in 2018.

 In 2017, the scale of cross-border e-commerce transactions in China will exceed 7 trillion, reaching 8 trillion and 800 billion yuan in 2018 and 12 trillion in 2020, and the background of realizing these bright figures is precisely the "one belt and one road" policy decision to promote the cross-border electricity supplier industry.

"One belt and one road" catalyzes cross-border electricity supplier development

2018 is the fifth year of the "one belt and one way" strategy, which covers more than 60 countries and regions with a population of over 4 billion 400 million. In the past five years, the volume of trade between China and the countries along the line has been rising. Chinese enterprises have made initial achievements in many investments in overseas enterprises. Not only that, but the "one belt and one road" has also directly promoted the explosive growth of cross-border electricity providers.

 In 2015, the State Council officially promulgated the "one belt and one road" specific vision and action, emphasizing the elimination of trade barriers and vigorously developing the electronic business platform. Prior to this, the domestic traditional industry has gone through a relatively depressed period of development, embracing cross-border e-commerce so that they change the past single channel of foreign trade, to find a new way of development.

European retail sales will reach 602 billion euros.

For cross-border electricity supplier industry, Europe is next only to North America's second largest sales market. Last year, European B2C retail sales increased by 11% to 534 billion euros. The growth rate of retail sales of B2C electricity providers in Europe is expected to reach 13% this year, reaching 602 billion euros.

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