China Post may suspend part of the live charging products

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     A few days ago, the four parties issued an announcement saying that they received an urgent notice from China Post and began to suspend the collection and delivery of live products.

In the notice, China Post said that it is now in the deep winter season, the weather is bad and changeable, and it has always been a critical period for safe transportation production. The safety risks have increased and the accidents are prone to change. The inspection and acceptance work will be further strengthened:

     1. All live products and other contraband products will not be accepted for receipt. 3C electronic products and live product mails include built-in batteries, button batteries and other products that are not charged.

     2. From January 8th, the collection and delivery of live products will be suspended; the affected channels are: International EMS, International E Express, International E-mail, International E-package, postal package.

     In response, people familiar with the matter said that the notice was not true or only for some channels. It said that the current Shenzhen power channel is still operating normally and is not affected.

It is worth noting that a jet cargo container on the apron of the Hong Kong International Airport has caught fire recently. This incident has caused cross-border logistics operators to re-focus on the charging and receiving of live products.

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