Canada and the United States have suspended Boeing.

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      On March 10th, a Boeing 737-8 airliner of Ethiopian Airlines crashed shortly after take-off, and none of the 157 people on board survived, including eight Chinese passengers. At present, Egypt Air’s black box has been found.

      This is the second crash of the Boeing 737-8 aircraft in 5 months. At the end of October last year, a Boeing 737-8 passenger aircraft from the Indonesian Lion Air crashed into the sea.

After the Ethiopian Airlines incident, Boeing was discontinued in most countries around the world.

      The United States and Canada, which had previously refused to fly the Boeing 737-8, faced increasing pressure. On the 13th, local time, they announced the suspension of Boeing 737-8 and 737-9 aircraft. Boeing subsequently issued a statement on the official website expressing support for the decision to ground.

      At this point, all countries with Boeing 737-8 aircraft flying have already stopped flying this model.

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