CCTV comment: Visual China is a blood-sucking cancer in copyright transactions, which needs to be severely punished.

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In the evening news of CCTV on April 13, CCTV commented on the recent copyright disputes in China.

CCTV said: A cosmic black hole leads to an industry black hole. Protecting intellectual property rights in order to have more and better original works has become a social consensus. China is also continuously strengthening the legal and regulatory system for intellectual property protection. Vision China uses the face of "can help me" to sell the legal affairs, infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of the original creator, and at the same time, "protecting the rights and extorting" the user. Both the original creator and the bitter user, so there is the online phrase "bitter vision Chinese for a long time." This kind of bad behavior has repeatedly succeeded, seriously undermining the market order, and even showing the public a blood-sucking cancer in the copyright transaction. It is necessary to severely punish the visual China, and it is more necessary to prevent the next visual China. A healthy and benign copyright market is bound to be a market that encourages the creators to create enthusiasm, and must be a market that does not give visual Chinese any chance of survival.

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