Advertising characteristics of online red marketing

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Advertising characteristics of online red marketing

At the same time of live broadcasts and short videos, the overseas marketing methods of Chinese manufacturing have also undergone “revolutionary” changes.

Compulsory marketing methods such as Facebook and Google, all of which belong to advertising marketing. Net red marketing has three major characteristics:

First, Net Red Marketing is a soft-embedded advertisement. There is a certain difference between overseas red-man marketing and Chinese red-person marketing. Reds do not sell products directly in the live broadcast, but introduce quality products through the introduction of life, stories and plots.

Second, the audience is more accurate. Every red man in the rabbit cooperation has its own label. The red label operation can subdivide the market and clearly divide the life field to make the audience more precise.

Third, the content remains. Brands often do not have ads on Facebook and other channels, but online red marketing also has at least video and content presentation.

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