New Australian regulations: e-commerce products will be fined if they do not meet the standards

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     Recently, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has released a new online resource designed to provide information and guidance on Australian online retail product safety laws and standards.

     Online sellers are also subject to product safety laws

     The ACCC emphasizes that regardless of whether the company is selling products through an e-commerce platform or is a supplier in the middle of the retail chain, it must comply with the Australian Product Safety Law.

Therefore, e-commerce sellers must:

1. Must comply with Australian mandatory safety standards.

The ACCC has developed a description of mandatory Australian standards.

2. Do not supply products that are prohibited from being sold.

(Products banned in Australia include: leaded candles, combustible candlesticks, children's plastics with DEHP, fire resistant laces and similar products, gas masks with asbestos breathing apparatus, glucomannan in tablet form Mini jelly cups containing konjac, miniature scooters, novelty lighters, novelty cigarettes, portable swimming pools, sky lanterns, small high-power magnets, chewing tobacco and snuff for oral use, and more than 15% of headlight beams Colored shades, guillotine studs, toothpaste containing more than 0.25% by weight of diethylene glycol (DEG), toys and furniture with loose beads or small particles, undeclared knives and tooling crafts and Yo-yo water polo or Other similar liquid-filled novelty products.)

3. If present, you must report death or serious injury or illness caused by the consumer product provided by the supplier.

4. If the merchant finds that the product has a safety hazard, does not meet safety standards or is prohibited, it should immediately recall the product - and notify the responsible Australian Federal Minister.

5. Any recall notice issued under the Australian Consumer Law must be observed.

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