Fiji import declaration is now available: processed according to the valuation rules

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On October 17, the Fiji Tax and Customs (FRCS) now processes each declaration in accordance with the valuation rules.

Therefore, Customs will conduct the necessary duties investigation when handling customs clearance:

1. Encourage the origin to submit the original supplier/sender invoice from the network for customs valuation.

2. Fiji Customs will carefully review the information on a case-by-voting basis based on the submitted filings.

3. Fiji Customs is most concerned with issues related to trade facilitation.

4. All commercial/form invoices generated by E-Com will be used for customs clearance only if:

(1) The price paid or payable by the supplier/sender to the customs must be the correct value.

(2) The commercial/formal invoice provided must be signed at the bottom of the invoice with complete and detailed commitment details.

(3) It is recommended to stamp the supplier company seal under the details of the signed commitment.

5. The invoice generated automatically by the system will not be cleared by the customs without the signature and company seal.

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