FaceTime is exposed to "eavesdrop", Apple responds: will be resolved after the update

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     On January 29th, 9to5mac released a report saying that FaceTime had a major loophole. When users use Facetime to make a call, they can hear the voice from the other party's mobile phone before the other party responds, and the other party knows nothing about it.

     It is reported that this vulnerability is mainly present in devices above IOS 12.1 level. The technology media The Verge conducted a field test on this, and from the iPhone X, the noise of the XR end environment was heard from the iPhone X, and the content of the tester’s conversation was clearly identifiable. Some media also found in the actual measurement that when the user presses the power button of the lock screen, the video may also be directly transmitted to the other party's mobile device.

     In this regard, Apple said that if users have doubts about FaceTime's services, this feature can be disabled through the settings page, and this issue will be resolved in the "latelier" software update.

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