Customs General Administration: import and export clearance time will be reduced by 1/3 before the end of the year.

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Customs General Administration: import and export clearance time will be reduced by 1/3 before the end of the year.

The General Administration of Customs revealed yesterday that a series of measures, such as reducing documentation, optimizing procedures, raising time limit and reducing costs, will be taken to land one after another.

The purpose of this series of measures is to further expand the opening up, promote a higher level of trade facilitation, and maintain stable growth of imports and exports.

The first is to reduce the number of documents. The number of regulatory documents checked in the import and export links has been reduced from 86 to 48 by November 1. In principle, all of them are connected to the Internet and checked in the customs clearance links.

Second, we should optimize procedures, deepen the reform of the integration of customs clearance throughout the country, and promote one-off joint inspection of customs, border inspection and maritime affairs. The "double random, one open" mode of operation extends from general supervision to routine inspection. Increase the proportion of "declaration in advance" before arrival of imported goods at the port, and release the goods without inspection after arrival at the port. We should push forward the reform of tariff guarantee insurance and "pay taxes first." Implementation of imported mineral products and other large resource commodities "a priori post detection". Opening up a "green channel" for agricultural and sideline products.

Third, the time limit should be raised. By the end of the year, the overall customs clearance time of imports and exports will be reduced by one third on the basis of last year. Imports will be reduced from 97.39 hours to 65 hours and exports from 12.29 hours to 8.2 hours. By the end of 2021, the total import clearance time will be reduced by half to 48 hours compared with 2017, and the total export clearance time by half to 6.15 hours.

Fourth, to reduce costs, this year's container import and export link compliance costs on the basis of 2017 to reduce more than $100. Before the end of October, the list of local port charges is published everywhere.

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