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German News TV reported on August 10 that Japan’s sanctions against South Korea are mainly affected by the United States. The Trump administration's strengthening of technology export controls for the world, especially China, is typical of counter globalization. The EU intends to follow up w



[Trade News] EU: Or will restrict imports of Chinese steel products

Brazil's World Wide Web reported on January 14 that the EU plans to set import quotas for 26 kinds of steel products. The quotas of different countries are different. After the quota is exceeded, a 25% tariff is imposed. The EU will vote on the bill this week. If passed, it will take effect on



[Trade News] In 2018, China’s express delivery business exceeded 50 billion pieces, surpassing the US, Japan and Europe.

On the morning of December 28th, the State Post Bureau held a press conference to announce the birth of the 50 billionth express delivery of the year. According to the real-time monitoring of the postal industry safety supervision information system of the State Post Bureau, this package with s



[Trade News] Russian parcel tax exemption limit is lowered in the future or in line with EU limits

Recently, Russia announced that since January 1, 2019, it will impose new restrictions on the import of Russian international goods duty-free mail to private mail.For private items arriving in Russia within one month of mailing:1. If the total value of the goods does not exceed 500 Euros and the tot

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