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August 22, according to Reuters, amazon Wednesday in Hyderabad, India (Hyderabad) opened the company, the world's biggest park.Amazon said, the latest India park covers an area of 38400 square meters, the park will have about 170000 square meters of office space, building area of 280000 square m



[Trade News] Amazon has sold more than 100 million devices equipped with Alexa

On January 5th, Dave Limp, senior vice president of Amazon's equipment division, revealed in an interview that more than 100 million devices pre-installed with its smart assistant Alexa have been sold so far. This figure shows that Amazon is rapidly infiltrating its voice assistants into a variety



[Trade News] Another US technology giant has fallen more than 20%, its market value has evaporated by trillions, and its profits are less than half of Ali!

After Apple value exceeded $1 trillion, in September of this year, the market value of the global e-commerce giant Amazon also broke through the trillion mark. Amazon has been losing money since its establishment in 1995, but its abnormality is its The stock price has remained high, and the market v



[Trade News] Amazon: brands can register at 18 sites

Russell Grandinetti, senior vice President and head of amazon's international consumer business, spoke about amazon's support for the platform brand at amazon sellers conference.Specific measures are divided into three parts:1. With regard to brand registration, products can be presented in the best



[Trade News] Amazon is renewing new regulations. Is it imperative for e-commerce taxation?

On October 24th, some sellers have received an email from Amazon about the California State Taxation Office asking Amazon sellers to provide tax IDs.The email emphasizes that Amazon received a valid and binding legal requirement from the California Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) to require Amazo



[Trade News] Not a single charge domineering new platform to be pressed at Amazon

In the first half of this year, Google launched a new program called "Shopping Actions," which many foreign media see as a new e-commerce platform that allows sellers to expand their reach to a broader market. To make it easier for shoppers to browse and purchase products.Why Google Launches Shoppin



Amazon will launch multi-function robots in 2019

According to foreign media reports, Amazon will launch a multi-functional robot integrating cloud services, big data, intelligent voice, Internet of Things, AI and 5G technology in 2019, which will have security monitoring, information, entertainment streaming media and home. Health care and other f



[Trade News] Cancel the mail contact with the seller? Amazon sellers want to cry

Amazon canceled the "mail bombing" to follow the seller's function, not only can not bomb and sell multiple times, but also directly with the seller's mailbox can not be obtained, this change directly led to the Amazon seller and the seller to communicate with the road blocked .



[Expo Events] Amazon adjust the seller account index October 1st implementation

Amazon adjust the seller account index October 1st implementationAmazon is improving seller account metrics, including removing customer service dissatisfaction metrics and implementing new customer experience metrics. The new indicators will start in October 1st.Amazon cancels several indicators in

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