Xiaomi set up the purchasing committee "mobile +AIoT" to establish the group's design culture

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    On July 1, xiaomi announced new personnel appointments.Zhang feng, vice President of the group, was appointed chief of staff of the group, and the group procurement committee was set up, with zhang feng as chairman of the procurement committee.So far, xiaomi has three major departments, namely the finance department

    The staff department and the organization department, as well as three group committees, namely the quality committee, the technical committee and the procurement committee.Xiaomi group completed the overall construction of 6 departments.

    In order to continuously improve the overall design capability of the group, design is the core driver.Xiaomi established the design committee, appointed zhu Yin as the chairman of the design committee, and reported to cui baoqiu, chairman of the group's technical committee.

     At the same time, xiaomi strengthened the management function of the regional headquarters, and appointed the platform general manager of the branch companies in nanjing and shenzhen respectively to report to qi yan, the senior vice President of the group.

   The purchasing committee will cover the whole category of xiaomi and coordinate the business of many purchasing fields, and carry out the purchasing and supply capacity of xiaomi products from the organizational perspective. 

    Industry analysts believe that the establishment of the purchasing committee will greatly improve the hematopoietic capacity of xiaomi group from the management perspective.Design capability has been xiaomi's hidden strength for a long time. 

   The capital market believes that within the scope of the company, the construction of design culture and upgrading of design management capability will directly demonstrate the advantages of xiaomi's dual-engine strategy of "mobile phone +AIoT" from the full ecology of mobile phones and IoT products.

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