Relying on the “Belt and Road”, cross-border e-commerce has become a new hot spot for Internet economic development

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With the gradual implementation of the “Belt and Road Initiative” initiative, we will speed up the construction of the online Silk Road, foster high-quality cross-border e-commerce enterprises, and promote cross-border e-commerce to gradually play a leading role in relying on the “Belt and Road” to become a new hot spot in the development of the Internet economy. In terms of cross-border e-commerce infrastructure, overseas warehouses, overseas operation centers, and overseas e-commerce parks have become hotspots for Internet companies. More and more overseas suppliers regard cross-border e-commerce as a priority channel for entering the Chinese market, including More and more Chinese companies, including Internet companies, use cross-border e-commerce to create exclusive brands and sell products. At the same time, the pace of overseas acquisitions by Chinese Internet companies is accelerating, and the degree of internationalization of Chinese Internet companies is rapidly increasing. In this context, the B2B model will become the main force of cross-border e-commerce.

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